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Book 2 of the Descendants Series is now LIVE!! Paperback is in review but will soon be live as well!! Let me introduce you to the series so far!

Book 1 – Hidden Blurb

Good vs. Evil; Witch vs. Warlock; Pure vs. Tainted.

Being the last remaining descendant of a powerful magical race was not what Amy had in mind for her summer, but when her powers unlock after being attacked, there was no turning back to what she thought was normal.

She must learn how to control her powers, for a dangerous enemy has his sight set on her and he won’t stop until he has what he’s been after for four hundred years.

Not only does her life hang by a thread, but the balance of the world relies on her being ready for the fight of her life as the Tainted is coming for her.

And he wants her power, her magic… her soul.

For fans of Jana Oliver, C.L. Coffey and Jen L. Grey.

Get your copy now, dive down deep into the world of the Descendants and let your magic guide the way.


A rapid pulsing started in my veins as the heat overtook the tingling. I wanted to scratch at my arms. To make this feeling stop. To stop the light burning within me, so I could see again, but something told me to let it all go. To release the power that was building inside.


“That’s where you’re wrong, Amunet. You have everything they want. You are the last Pure, and they will stop at nothing until they have your soul.”

Book 2 – Unveiled Blurb

BlurbNo Family and now…no magic!

It’s been two weeks since Ryker’s been gone and now Amy’s powers seem to have followed in his footsteps. Without her magic, how was she going to find the Tainted? How was she going to protect herself if needed? How was she going to say goodbye to Ryker in the ethereal?

Turning to the only other person that might be willing to help, Amy learns some new tricks that cause a ghost to start calling for help, and she is desperate. Things get out of hand when the haunting gets physical and now Amy has no choice but to find the ghost and uncover the secrets that have been long hidden and those things all lead to one person. Amy’s father. 

Who is the ghost haunting Amy? Why and how is she linked to the only family member that she doesn’t know about? And why did this happen after her powers disappeared?

For fans of Carolyn MacCullough, Jana Oliver and Rachel Hawkins.

Get your copy now to find out the secrets that the ghost has to share.


“What do you mean she’s trapped between worlds?”

“She’s not earthbound, she’s not in the ethereal and she hasn’t crossed over to Gaia’s Temple.”


My arms tingled as magic soared through my veins, filling me with a surge of energy that pushed away my exhaustion. I wanted to jump for joy that my powers back, but then I remembered what happened the last time my emotions went haywire. My magic had wanted to go nuclear.

About The Author

Lea Cherry is an international bestselling author residing in South Africa with her husband and two daughters. With a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, she shares the spark of language in Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror, and Thriller. When she is not crafting stories, she shares her time with her family watching movies, painting, and reading up a storm when she is not exploring the outdoors on camping trips. Her first book in the Descendant series is set to arrive in 2021 and is filled with magic and adventure that will keep you wanting more.

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