Collective Scribbler is the site for the collective names of one writer.

Writing Signatures

All in all, it’s the same person but with various genres. As an author, you need to distinguish between the genres you write.

Jillian Rose will be the Women’s fiction/contemporary genre, while Morgan Hunter will delve into your fears with horror. Lea Cherry will discover the fantasy world of YA while Leandri Geldenhuys plays with the innocence of the children’s minds.

When I’m not playing ‘author’ I am a mother of two girls, a wife, entrepreneur, avid reader, poet and all round weird gal


So what can you expect from the site?

An update every now and then about what I’m doing and writing. Sometimes I’ll post reviews on the page about what I have read, or even updates on where I will be, what is being published and when you can expect it.

So happy Scribbling to you all and I hope you enjoy it!

xoxo cropped-collective-scribbler.jpg

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