Lea Cherry



Legion Warrior. Elesseand Princess. Starlight.

All I had ever wanted to do was to protect my realm, my kingdom, and when my mother died she handed me the reigns of Starlight. It was now my duty to keep my people safe.

My next title should be Queen, but my father has ancient beliefs that I need a husband in order to rule, but I feel that love is a distraction to the world I live in.

There is a darkness crawling closer. Inching near with every day. I can feel it in my light and with rumors of the Darkling roaming around, hiding in the shadows, I do not have time to fall in love even if the man my father chose sends ripples down my body. His stare touches my soul and his smile alone does things to me that I do not want to admit.

I can’t afford not being focused. I can’t afford letting the Darkling cast shadows in my world. I can’t let the wraiths hollow my people out… And I sure as hell can’t afford falling for a rogue when my world seems to be collapsing.

My name is Tekana, and I am my Kingdom’s only hope.

For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

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Available only in the Realm Of Darkness Boxset


No Family and now…no magic!

It’s been two weeks since Ryker’s been gone and now Amy’s powers seem to have followed in his footsteps. Without her magic, how was she going to find the Tainted? How was she going to protect herself if needed? How was she going to say goodbye to Ryker in the ethereal?

Turning to the only other person that might be willing to help, Amy learns some new tricks that cause a ghost to start calling for help, and she is desperate. Things get out of hand when the haunting gets physical and now Amy has no choice but to find the ghost and uncover the secrets that have been long hidden and those things all lead to one person. Amy’s father. 

Who is the ghost haunting Amy? Why and how is she linked to the only family member that she doesn’t know about? And why did this happen after her powers disappeared?

For fans of Carolyn MacCullough, Jana Oliver and Rachel Hawkins.

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Good vs. Evil; Witch vs. Warlock; Pure vs. Tainted.

Being the last remaining descendant of a powerful magical race was not what Amy had in mind for her summer, but when her powers unlock after being attacked, there was no turning back to what she thought was normal.

She must learn how to control her powers, for a dangerous enemy has his sight set on her and he won’t stop until he has what he’s been after for four hundred years.

Not only does her life hang by a thread, but the balance of the world relies on her being ready for the fight of her life as the Tainted is coming for her.

And he wants her power, her magic… her soul.

For fans of Jana Oliver, C.L. Coffey and Jen L. Grey.

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Read the first few chapters here: https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/39602f82-b793-11ea-b0f4-6b0a754174c3

Camping in a haunted forest on Halloween sounded like a great idea until Raven’s friends start disappearing one by one, kidnapped by a creature who won’t stop until they’re all gone.

Devil’s Doorway:

Taylor thought that returning home would be the start of a new life…
That was until she starts experiencing things that should not be normal.
Things that should not exist.
Things that are not of this world.
Her experiences lead her to wonder if moving back was the right choice and if she can uncover the secrets that lurk inside the house before she is claimed through…
The Devil’s Doorway.

“The Journal of Blake Leaf”

Blake Leaf journal

This accompanies The Dragonian Series by Adrienne Woods. (which you can find here)

It is the Journal of one of the main characters called Blake Leaf. He is the Rubicon dragon but with a very very dark side. I was honored to be able to portray his darkness in the journal co-written with Adrienne herself.

If you have not yet read the series, do so immediately! It’s action packed with magic and dragons. You will laugh, you will cry and you may want to throw the book against the wall every now and then (only because Blake is being an ass) but well worth the read.

You can find the Journal on Amazon on the link below:


A small excerpt from the journal:12485942_1285300744817283_3184414725866194238_o