Leandri Geldenhuys

Leandri Geldenhuys

“Lumin Finds the Lighthouse”


About: Waking up under a tree, Lumin discovers that she does not know who she is or where she belongs. With the help of Timmy the sea turtle, she travels towards the Lighthouse who can give her all the answers she needs. On the journey, they learn that if you see with your heart and not your eyes, the beauty of life will always be with you, and that help will always be available to those who ask for it.
Being lost is only the start at finding yourself.

I co-wrote this one with a dear friend of mine after I fell in love with her artwork of Life of Lumin. She told me what it was about and asked if I would like to bring her to life? How could I say no?

Here is what she said:

Who is Lumin and where did she come from?

The Lumin Foundation:

“Two years into my son Danté s battle with cancer. I found myself lost, depleted of emotional, physical and financial resources. I felt empty. I had no more tears and yet a mountain of sadness still left to cry out.

I prayed before I fell asleep to be rid of the heartache that was pulsing in my throat. I didn’t talk about how devastating it is sitting helplessly next to a dying child’s bed. Seeing how bravely he is fighting. I couldn’t talk about it because there are no words that exist to describe the horror of it. I just wanted to be rid of the debilitating pain. I also wanted to have the peace of mind knowing that I can be right by his side fighting this dragon with him and not worry about bills and food and work.

I woke up just before 3 the next morning. Half asleep but wide awake I found a small canvas…2 hours later Lumin was born… and I cried for the first time in 16 months. She looked peaceful and content. Hopeful and beautiful.

My vision with Lumin is to start the Lumin Foundation. It will support families that are financially and emotionally affected by children with dread diseases. So that a parent can fully be present with their child in their darkest of hour and not worry about petrol and food and rent. Something just doesn’t seem right with the world that there is no support for these families.

I also not just want to give financial support but also empower these families to find their purpose and help them dust off their dreams. So to stay positive as much as possible and when everything goes black around you to keep your eyes on the light of your purpose, dreams and FAITH.

I wanted Lumin to become alive and be a representative of light and hope. That is why I wrote the book with Leandri. With each turn of the page, I hope to encourage people to look with their hearts and not with their eyes. ” For we walk by FAITH and not by sight ”

Zandré du Preez (Now Botha)
Creator of Lumin


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