Soul’s Day Pre-Order Blitz with Fire Quill Publishing

So today we are having some fun. It's the Soul's Day Pre-Order Blitz! Head on over to all the links, grab yourself a copy of this amazing boxset... (PS- it's only 99c) and join in the fun on the pages! Title: Soul’s Day Genre: Horror/PNR Publisher: Fire Quill Publishing Publication Date: October 20th, 2020 Hosted… Continue reading Soul’s Day Pre-Order Blitz with Fire Quill Publishing


Soul’s Day Boxset Cover Reveal

Hey Scribblers! So the day is FINALLY here! Are we are so stoked that we can't even contain ourselves!   DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!   TITLE: Soul’s Day: A Halloween themed box set. GENRE: Horror/Paranormal ISBN: 9781947649699 ASIN: B086ZVTKSS RELEASE DAY: 20th October 2020 PRE-ORDER DATE: 17th April 2020 PUBLISHER: Fire Quill Publishers DESCRIPTION:  Old Hallows… Continue reading Soul’s Day Boxset Cover Reveal

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Something Evil This Way Comes

Hey Scribblers It's been a hectic as hell couple of months. I don't even know how I'm still breathing really. There is however a bright side to being busy...makes the days go by faster and you don't sit with your finger up your nose and do nothing. On the other hand, what makes it worse… Continue reading Something Evil This Way Comes