What’s Next

So lately I have been getting ideas and giving ideas for some very awesome stories. I have to say that if those stories eventually make it to the publishers, they will be life changing.

But how do we know if the story is good enough? You don’t. Well, not from your own point of view. It would be best to get an unbiased opinion from someone you can trust (especially if you do not know where to find betas). These trustworthy people should be someone that’s not afraid to hurt your feelings. You know who I’m talking about… “Oh no honey, this book is amazing. It will be a best seller” says your gran only because she doesn’t want to tell you that there is a lot of work you need to put up to fix the crap your typing.

Lately, I’m finding it hard to carry on with my fiction piece. The muse seems to be on some vacation spot when I’m at the PC, but when I’m driving she’s singing the best ideas into my mind.

Also, distractions are the worst. We are distracted by work, phones, email, social media (and yes, you do get distracted by those small notification numbers just in the corner of your Facebook app) and if you are like me, you get distracted by family.

I have two beautiful girls who are inquisitive, and busy. They always ask me what I’m doing even though I just told them what I’m doing. Let me watch a movie on the laptop and they will let me be. But as soon as I open Scrivener all hell breaks lose.


So the only advice I can give (especially if you are a part-time writer, with a full-time job) is Try and try again. It is better to write one paragraph on paper than thinking up 1000 scenes and not doing anything about it.

I know, practice what you preach right? Well, I do write. On a bad day it might only be as little as 500 words, but on a good day, it could rise to 4k. I might not finish my fiction or YA stories in this year, but I will get it out there.

I am giving myself 5 months to finish Undiscovered, and would like to use my YA book called The Hidden for NANOWRIMO this year, and I want to be actively participating in it, not just signing up and doing nothing.

So who is with me? NANO in November, and hopefully finishing Undiscovered by December?

Write ‘ya real soon…

Collective Scribbler



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