Interview with T A Chan

Today, as part of our publisher’s UNITY BOOK EVENT, I’m introducing you to fellow author T A Chan published by Blaze Publishing. We’re on a kind of Foreign Exchange project whereby we get to be hosted on each other’s blogs and get to hang out in their world with their readers for a day.

Tina Chan

Be sure to head over to T A Chan’s blog and check out my interview at

They’re going to tell you a little bit about themselves and then for a chance to be in with winning a copy of their book, just drop a comment below.

So hi. What’s your name and what do you write?

Hi there! T A Chan speaking here, but feel free to call me Tina! I write YA fantasy and sci-fi with the occasional contemporary short story thrown in the mix.

When did you start writing and why?

I jumped onto the writing train when an author visited my school in second grade. My first “book” was a story about a crocodile and toad going for a picnic together, and was “published” on A4 paper stapled together. Ever since then, I’ve been enjoying the train ride so far and have no intentions of getting off anytime soon—or ever!

 What were the biggest challenges about becoming a published author?

My biggest challenges. . . oh, you mean aside from wrestling my characters back under control when they decide to go rogue (fact: the characters usually win and the writer just has to run with whatever they want to do), churning through so many drafts I’m convinced I must’ve killed a small forest in the process of doing so, and staring so hard at my laptop screen in vain hope of a novel magically appearing on the word document that blood perspires along my forehead??!!

 Haha, all joking aside, I think the three biggest challenges are:

 1) Gathering up the courage to put myself out there and actually, you know, share my writing with others

 2) finding good critique partners (CPs) and beta readers. A good CP/beta is better than a truck full of gold, and although it may take some time to find one (or two, or three . . .) they’re well worth it. A good CP/beta offers support AND isn’t afraid to tell it how it is (in other words, tough love).

3) Learning to let go. AKA overcoming edit-itis. I swear, my editing cycle goes something like this:

Tina Chan.png

 The trick is to realize a manuscript will never, ever be 100% done, no matter how many times I revise it. There’s always some change I’ll want to make—and 50% of the time, I’ll want to undo the change I just made 2 weeks ago. The trick is to know when the manuscript is 99% done, and that that’s when I should hit the “send” button.

Shout out your publisher and tell us how they helped you on your creative journey.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO BLAZE PUBLISHING! ❤ ❤ ❤ I love you all Blaze—they’re a fantastic team of fantastic people. I’m so proud to be part of the Blaze family. Krystal’s a fantastic editor who’s helped bring my writing to a new level. She also has an amazing amount of patience, considering the number of times I’ve misspelled her name in our conversations (I have a character named Krystle in my novel). Mara giving me tips of how to use social media so I can meet new bookish people all over the world. The cover design team—all I can say is wow. I can’t wait to share the gorgeous cover with ya’ll in March! Also, a special shout out to Jacob Devlin, a fellow author at Blaze, who’s been incredibly helpful with my endless stream of questions about anything writing/bookish/publishing related!

Where can we find out more about them?

You can visit Blaze Publishing’s homepage here! Also, I strongly recommend signing up for their newsletters—you’ll receive a very nice welcome gift right away.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently wrapping up edits with Of Silver and Stars, my upcoming YA fantasy releasing in October 2018. I’m also working on an OSAS novella. Recently, I completed a YA sci-fi (think “Inception” x “Minority Report” . . . in space), and plan on starting the sequel to OSAS as soon as the first couple drafts of the OSAS novella is completed.

Who is your most favourite character you’ve written and why do they speak to you so much?

I can only choose one?! Impossible!! Sorry, that’s like asking me to choose a favorite song . . . or favorite food . . .

Do world events and politics influence your writing?

Y-E-S. Subconsciously, absolutely. World events often affect my writing without me knowing until I take a step back afterward and am like “Oh . . . X totally influenced my decision when writing Y.” I think it’s inevitable, to be honest. Real-life events are bound to seep into writings in some sense, even though I never intentionally allow world events to influence my stories.

How important are places you have visited and where you live to your writing?

Somewhat important?! Of Silver and Stars takes place in a fantasy world which I would compare to Rome. My other YA novel takes place in space. I’ve visited neither, haha. But traveling (I have a perpetual case of the travel bug) has definitely exposed me to many cultures and locations that have kick started some sort of inspiration that’s definitely woven itself into my writing.

Share with us your favourite line from your most recent release.

Well, Of Silver and Stars doesn’t come out for a while (forget about putting a cart in front of a horse—I don’t even have a horse!) But here’s a line from a short story I published a couple years ago (you can read it here

 “You’re sharp, darling, dagger of a mind. Careful you don’t cut yourself.”

Tell us five things that you love in life.

  • Friends and family (I count them as one)
  • Books (is that even a question?!)
  • Malibu (she’s my kitten)
  •  Coffee/tea (depending on my mood)
  • Manatees

Tell us five things that you hate in life.

  • Hypocrites
  • Racists
  • Wet socks
  • Running out of coffee
  • Not enough time to read/write

What book started your love of reading?

Probably the Magic Tree House series!

Tell us about your most recent release.

Well, my upcoming release is scheduled for publication on October 16, 2018! I suppose if you want a really quick teaser blurb. . .

 A hunter with a magicked amulet. A girl with a hypnotic voice. A queen who controls winter.

 Who is the true enemy?

Where can we buy it?

It’ll be available on Amazon, B&, iBooks, Kobo . . .

Where can we find you on social media?

EVERYWHERE mwahaha!!!

 I spend most of my time on Twitter (@The_Book_Lander) and Instagram (@T.A.Chan)





It was nice meeting you!!

A huge thank you to Tina for sharing her wonderful thoughts and inspirations with us. I will definitely keep an eye on this one, and hopefully, you will too.

Keep writing Scribblers


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