Guardjinn Cover Reveal

Hey Scribblers!!

Another day with another awesome cover reveal! If the cover doesn’t grab you attention, hopefully the blurb will!


Title: Guardjinn
Author: Laura
Genre: YA
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer:
Lizzie Zhou
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Overpowered and out of control


Kyra freed Will
from the Blooder’s prison, but their relationship is crumbling as they both
deal with the aftermath of their time in De Morte and the choices they’ve made.


She defeated
the king of the Blooders too, but her problems have only just begun when she
finds herself addicted to blood and slowly deteriorating with every new ability
she obtains.


The battle
for equality


The civil war
between those who want to free the Guardjinn and those who want to keep them in
servitude comes to a head as Kyra and her friends fight for their lives against
King Tibal and his army.


However, Tibal
isn’t their only threat. The mysterious Razier returns with a revenge and a
secret that could change everything for Kyra.


The final
battle is about to begin with the future of the Djinn on the line. Can Kyra
overcome her past and be the hero her people need?

Laura Catherine
is author of the bestselling Djinn series, plus other books. She likes to write
YA Fantasy fiction, which began in her teens – filling notebooks with many
stories and ideas.

Laura Catherine
lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two beautiful children and two
cheeky cats.

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Have fun reading!!

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